VSU Focuses on the Future at Fall Convocation

Another local university is gearing up for the start of the fall semester with a renewed focus on its future.

At Valdosta State University's fall convocation officials discussed what lies ahead for students this year. Many hopeful, curious and attentive eyes fell on Valdosta State University's president as faculty, students and staff learned about the budget and future plans for their university.

Dr. Ron Zaccari, VSU President, said, "We try to give a little bit of the bad news and good news and try to make the bad news appear a little brighter than it is."

That bad news includes starting the year with a $2.2 million deficit in state appropriations.

VSU officials say that despite an increase in tuition this year, they are keeping their focus on the students and the future growth of the university.

Zaccari, said, "We're being challenged by the state and the system to do things better and more efficiently. We're still a tremendous bargain. You know $1,161 a semester for a full-time student at VSU is still a tremendous bargain."

Nicole Fawcett, a VSU student, said, "VSU has really been able to shake off the image that their a podunk little community college to being a real university."

This growth can be found in the new state of the art housing facility that's currently under construction, as well as a master plan that promises to bring big changes to the growing university.

VSU students start the fall semester Aug. 16.