Bracing for Bonnie

It's been almost 20 years since the Big Bend felt the wrath and destruction of Hurricane Kate.

Although more than 5,500 homes were damaged by Kate, emergency officials say they are worried many people still aren't prepared for another hurricane arrival.

Chris Floyd, American Red Cross Spokesman, says, "If we have a community that is prepared and disaster resistant; trust me, we'll get back on our feet that much more quickly."

But are folks really ready for bonnie?

Adam Harte, an unconcerned resident, says, "Not really. I'm not really concerned about it. I didn't see it as a threat."

American Red Cross officials say now is the time to prepare for these potential hurricanes. As you can see they're setting the example; they've already put up shutters on their windows. In addition to that they're offering free citizen preparedness guides for anyone who has questions on how to prepare for a storm.

Craig Fugate, Florida Emergency Management Director, says, "If you live in Florida, hurricanes are a fact of life. Even if you're up here in the Tallahassee region, hurricanes are a fact of life."

Emergency officials say folks should be ready for a hurricane and need to stock up on these items before the storm hits.

Chris Floyd adds, "It's very important right now; have that kit and have that plan."