"Sub" Way?

Gadsden County school Superintendent Sterling DuPont says two weeks ago, there were about 60 teacher vacancies. That number is now less than 20 thanks to a sudden boom in applications coming in from all over the country.

DuPont says the upcoming teacher job fair on Thursday plus the new incentives for Gadsden County teachers should help fill the rest of those vacancies.

"The best person to teach the class is the regular teacher, and so we said, how can we get our teachers to come to work each and every day? And so the idea of a bonus was born because of that," says DuPont.

On the list of some of the incentives passed by the Gadsden County School Board last week, it includes a $500 bonus for teachers with perfect attendance and a $1,000 bonus for instructional staff of any school which becomes an "A" school.

"From what I gather, people are glad that they are being offered something. Now it's up to them to take advantage of it," says Misty Cash.

"We believe those incentives will help. Will is solve all of our problems, no. As far as recruiting teachers, I think that it will help," adds DuPont.

Officials say every school principal in Gadsden County is expected to attend the job fair on Thursday, August 12 at the Gadsden Arts Center, which begins at 8 a.m.