Local Students in Need of School Supplies

The countdown until school starts is over for some students. However, others are still holding on to every second of summer.

Before classes start in Leon County, plenty of organizations and the school board are still looking for school supplies for some of the students.

The first day of school can set the pace for the whole year. Bill Montford, Leon County superintendent of schools, said, “It’s critically important."

That's why getting back to school on the right foot is essential and different organizations and citizens do all they can to help students make the grade.

Montford said, “We know that in order for a student to perform at their best, academically, they need a good source of supplies.”

For example, the capital area community action agency was given a $1,000 shopping spree from Sam's Club, one the agency says was put to excellent use for its clients.

Anita Morrell, capital area community action agency, said, “Right now we are able to provide back to school supplies for our clients. Sometimes they aren't able to purchase everything needed."

All over the area, schools are still looking for valuable supplies to help students, even schools that have already started. If you are interested in helping out, call your local school district to find out what's needed most.