Franklin Residents Prepare for Landfall

In Franklin County, families are stocking shelves, boarding windows and hoping for the best.

Many are saying they're not too worried, in fact they believe the storm will miss their tiny fishing village and strike their neighbors in Panama City, either way many say they're armed and ready to ride it out.

Every year Spencer Tolbert uses beach houses and leaf blowers to replicate a real hurricane for his middle school students.

Spencer Tolbert, a middle school teacher in Carrabelle, said, “This is my favorite time; the kids come in scared of a hurricane, so we can assure them just what to look for when they do see one.”

But this year's exercise may come late if a few tropical storms or even hurricanes tear through Franklin County.

Forecasters predict Bonnie will make landfall by Thursday leaving folks here less than two days to prepare.

While some folks are planning ahead others aren't batting an eye, it is business as usual in this town.

Franklin County hasn't had to evacuate for a hurricane in years and although many folks are prepared to do so they don't believe the need will arise this week.

Sheriff's officials those most at risk live on St. George Island or Dog Island those folks should keep their eyes peeled to WCTV for the latest tropical weather updates.