Soup Kitchen in Lowndes County

A south Georgia soup kitchen will be getting a half million dollar facelift thanks to some federal grants. In addition to expanding Valdosta's soup kitchen, Lowndes County officials are paving the way for a new library to be built next door.

Like many other soup kitchens around the nation, the Leila Ellis facility in Valdosta has seen better days, but that's all about to change since the Lowndes County Commission has approved a half million dollar grant, which will transform this facility.

Joyce Evans, Lowndes County Commissioner, says, "We are going to refurbish it, and they want a new kitchen, new everything inside so they can better serve their constituents there."

This facility serves hundreds of people each and every day, helping many of these people survive their tough times, and those numbers could grow as an expanded kitchen will better meet the needs.

The grant also includes money to help make renovations to the LAMP clothing closet. In the future, this building will not only serve as a clothes closet, but as a new library.

Commissioner Evans says it will serve as an important educational tool for people in need.

"Right now we are struggling with economic development, as far as job training and the new portions where the library is, it will be there to take care of job training."

It's a project helping feed people the necessities to survive today and improve their tomorrow.

The grant has been approved and work is expected to begin sometime this fall on the project. One homeless man says the soup kitchen is a must to meet the growing demand.