New Students at VSU Move In

Folks in the Azalea City might have noticed some heavy traffic around Valdosta State University because Wednesday was "move-in" day for more than 1,400 freshmen.

Even the rain couldn't dampen the spirits of these first year students.

Long lines, police directing traffic, boxes and movers everywhere could only mean one thing; freshman move-in day at Valdosta State University. The dreary weather didn't stop staff and returning students from welcoming the newest additions to the university.

Mario Guerra, Resident Assistant, says, "Since I have the knowledge of campus, I let them know where everything is. I tell them what I did wrong and try to let them know not to make this mistake."

Kyle Hicks, a VSU freshman, says, "Everybody has a smile on their face. Everyone speaks. I'm not used to that."

And the unexpected southern hospitality was a welcome relief to some nervous parents as well.

Parent Kimberly Miller says, "Even the policemen were smiling, so it's just such a warm reception even though it's raining."

There were plenty of words of wisdom being offered from returning classmen as well.

Bryce Fulton, a returning VSU student, says, "This is the worst possible weather you can have to move in, but it's still gonna be a good time. Enjoy yourself, meet lots of people, be outspoken."

Not knowing what to expect is one general consensus among all the incoming freshmen.

All in all, move-in 2004 went off without a hitch. Upperclassmen and transfer students move into their residence halls on August 13. Classes start on Monday, August 16.