Peach State Prepares

After a relatively dry summer precipitation has finally hit south Georgia. Some folks fear Tropical Storm Bonnie will bring too much.

Lasonia Brooks says, "All I know is if it hits, we're going straight to the shelter because I don't trust my trailer, for one!"

The National Weather Service has issued flood warnings for areas of Thomas County and south Georgians say they're getting ready just in case.

Jesse Phillips says, "I have a generator and candles and things like that."

Residents of the neighborhood near the Ochlocknee River say the good thing about tropical storms is that you can track them, and that's exactly what they've been doing with Bonnie.

Frederick Hughes says, "If I was living over there by the Gulf of Mexico, then I'd be sweating a load, man."

Weather Service forecasters predict Bonnie will hit coastal Florida Thursday morning, and if it heads north, Georgians say they're ready.