Coastal Residents and Vacationers Prepare for Bonnie's Arrival

While Tropical Storm Bonnie is brewing in the Gulf of Mexico, vacationers on St. George Island aren't skipping a beat.

With a light breeze and a nice surf, folks are relishing the change of weather for the time being.

Rick Cotton, a vacationer, says, "Just relaxing, chilling out. It's a little overcast. It's very pleasant."

But these pleasant conditions may soon change while forecasters predict a Category 4 hurricane.

Barbie Pressly, who is leaving the island, says, "My five-year-old heard the word hurricane and said we got to go home."

While some are packing up and leaving town, others plan to weather the storm. One option to consider, officials say if winds reach 55 miles per hour, the island will close.

Benjamin Johnson, a vacationer, says, "That will be fine, we have plenty of supplies, I'm sure we'll be off the island by then.”

Barbara Jedrzejek, who is camping on the island, adds, "We feel we have to, we have to go. We're trying to enjoy whatever we can."