Florida Emergency Officials Prepare for Tropical Weather

Things have really started picking up at the Florida Emergency Operations Center as the two storms approach.

As of Wednesday morning, a lot had changed. Tropical Storm Bonnie has strengthened and Charley has now become a hurricane, and folks here in the Florida EOC are very concerned for those in its path.

Utility crews in Tallahassee spent Wednesday morning removing a downed tree on Live Oak Plantation Road, a scene caused by a storm not associated with Bonnie, but it's a taste of what we could be in for in the coming hours.

A local Home Depot has already seen a boom in sales.

Bob Smith from Home Depot in Tallahassee says, "You have your generators. I predict by this afternoon we will probably be out of generators until the truck comes in the morning or late this evening."

Smith says batteries, flashlights, bottled water and lumber has been flying off shelves, a good sign folks are getting ready for the worst.

Officials with the Florida EOC are saying that the recent rain, coupled with the two major approaching storms, isn't a good mix.

Craig Fugate with the Florida Division of Emergency Management says, "And if you notice, we're still getting a lot of rain up here and that's causing more concern about flooding and will bring more rain to areas that are re-saturated.”

Emergency officials are especially concerned for those not taking the warnings seriously.

Craig Fugate adds, "We're seeing a lot of surfers and folks out there, but you can have some very dangerous rip currents that are associated with these storms, so we're asking people to stay off of the water and stay out of the water. If you're driving in flooded areas, turn around.”

Bonnie is expected to bring about three to five inches of rain in addition to the rain we've gotten earlier.