Franklin County Residents Brace for Bonnie

Residents here are taking the threat seriously but they're not that scared of a tropical storm.

At this time we know that there are voluntary evacuations, meaning you can leave if you choose to, but after talking with several residents here, most say they plan to sleep in their own beds Wednesday night and weather the storm.

Call it the calm before the storm, call it a no fear attitude, call it a familiar turn of events. Residents and visitors on St. George Island aren't fazed by this Tropical Storm Bonnie as it makes its way through the Gulf.

Rick Cotton, a beachgoer, says, "I think they're panicking too soon. Some shop owners are boarding up and I think it's a little premature."

While families continue to enjoy their vacation by day, locals crowd their favorite watering hole by night planning hurricane parties and laughing at the small storm headed their way.

Warren Cadwalder, a St. George Island resident, says, "I'm not gonna do anything with my house on St. George Island. It's a minimal storm. I've been through many of them."

But a laid back attitude isn't favored by emergency management officials who've been working all hours to plan evacuation methods.

Cheryl Sanders, Franklin County Commissioner, says, "Nothing's no big deal. You have to watch the skies because things can worsen awful quick."

And things are starting to worsen; the wind is picking up. If winds exceed 50 miles per hour, the bridges will be closed.