Storm Preparations in Thomasville

The threat of Tropical Storm Bonnie has passed, but emergency workers in Thomasville say preparations they made for the first storm can also be applied to Charley.

Tropical Storm Bonnie may not have hit south Georgia as hard as expected, but its heavy rains ensure drivers aren't out of the woods yet.

Emergency workers say they don't anticipate this light flooding will cause major problems. In fact, they say Bonnie may help the public get ready for Charley.

CAPT Bryan Croft with the Thomasville Fire Department says, "I was thinking this would be a good preparation and if the other one should end up more severe, people would take it more seriously, so I think everyone would be more prepared."

In the meantime, Thomasville firefighters are making sure their equipment is ready to go in case an emergency does happen.

Some drivers say they're only traveling the slippery roads out of necessity. Other motorists look on the bright side, and after Bonnie's clouds clear, emergency workers say they'll turn all their attention to Charley.

National Weather Service forecasters predict Hurricane Charley will head up the Georgia coast, but south Georgians may still expect some rain from it.