Bonnie Good for Crops

While most folks in the area have spent the day bracing for Bonnie's rain and wind, there are a few people who are welcoming the wet conditions.

You might think it's strange, but the dark, cloudy and rain-filled skies have area peanut farmers grinning from ear to ear.

Larry Cunningham, a peanut expert, says, "The water is a blessing for us. I heard a farmer say this morning that he doesn't mind the hurricane as long as there is no wind with it. Now, I don't know how you have a hurricane with no wind, but the point is we need the rain."

And after a growing season of intense heat and plant disease, the wet conditions of Bonnie spell good news for the crop. Local peanut farmers are welcoming the rains of Bonnie and say they hope it will be enough to sustain their underground fortune until next month's harvest period.

Cunningham adds, "We have experienced about 10 days of dry conditions and even the parts of the state that had good moisture were starting to show signs of wilting, so this rain coming slow and long is really the right recipe for this crop at this time."

So how important are those trusty weather people and their forecasts to local farmers?

Cunningham says, "We probably listen to Mike McCall more than we do the governor. No offense to the governor, but the advice we get at 6:00 in the morning determines what we do for that day and what we do for several days to come."

But despite the rain now, farmers say this year's crop won't be as good as last year’s. Peanuts will be harvested in about a month.