The Teacher Trackdown

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Lyle Ottley is a substitute teacher in Leon County who is now seeking a full-time position in Gadsden County.

Ottley is hoping his experience and the need for African-American male teachers will set him apart in this pool of applicants.

Lyle says, "Being a black male I feel I can inspire some of the young black males because I was once there. I want to share my experiences so they can be where I'm at."

Ottley is one of more than 100 applicants who joined the Workforce Plus at this job fair. Organizers say so far several positions have been filled.

Kim Moore says, "On-sight interviews are taking place here, so we have had individuals that have come here and have gained employment and are now going to the site and have gained full employment come Monday when school starts.”

School officials are hoping to fill 25 vacancies, but there's still a need for specialized instructors.

Misty Cash adds, "Our most urgent need is teaching positions, however, there are a few positions we need, speech pathologist and ESOL and things like that. If any body is in that area, we need them badly."

It’s a need they hope will be met as they continue to make sure no teacher is left behind.