Business as Usual in Downtown Tallahassee

The roads weren't as crowded, and you could actually find a parking space downtown.

Neither rain, nor wind, nor Bonnie could stop Meals on Wheels volunteers from loading up and heading out on their routes.

"By us delivering this, it may be the only friendly face they see for the day. I enjoy doing it,” explains Meals on Wheels volunteer Debra Washington.

"So this rain is no deterrent?” asks TV-6.

“Oh no. You don't live in Tallahassee and let rain bother you,” laughs veteran volunteer Ollie Dawirs.

Bonnets, raincoats and umbrellas dotted the downtown streets, but for most of Tallahassee, Thursday was business as usual, perhaps with a slight rain delay.

"I rode the bus because I didn't want to drive. It’s just a wet morning, so no deterrent to actually showing up for work. Just a little bit of a nudge not to come in on time,” says Diane Mennitt who works downtown.

Some folks did opt to stay home and avoid the soaking, and some private businesses opted to close. The rest? Still on the clock.

By late afternoon, less than two inches of rain had fallen in Tallahassee. The posted tornado watches expired. Most Tallahasseeans have seen far worse.

Some consider this tropical storm a "dress rehearsal" of sorts for all of us, residents, planners and emergency crews.