Coastal Residents on Reflect on What Bonnie Wasn't

Six to eight-foot waves are uncommon in these parts, but that wasn't the case Thursday morning as Tropical Storm Bonnie made its way to St. George Island.

For many, the torrential downpours and high winds were fascinating to the eye.

“We've been to Florida many times and this is our first experience, so we're just curious to see what it's like to weather out a storm like this,” comments tourist Frank Kuzmits.

Frank and his trusty golden retriever Jack weren't the only one's braving the weather. Next door at the Snooty Coyote, Jerry Gleaton watches and wonders why folks evacuated for what he calls a small scale storm.

While Tropical Storm Bonnie didn't pack the punch folks were expecting, it did bring quite a bit of rainfall, rainfall in an area that's already heavily saturated.

And while residents can look back and laugh about the scare Bonnie created, many say it's just another drill, one they're used to.

“It's part of living down here. Some people have earthquakes, fires, we have tropical storms,” Gleaton shares.

Storms that can change course and size in a matter of seconds.

The only substantial flooding we can report for now was around Alligator Point Road. County commissioners say it typically washes out during storms, and we’re told there will be crews on scene assessing the damage.