Blood Center Attempts to Bolster Supply Ahead of Hurricane Charley

They're hoping to stock up on supplies and possibly save lives, but not without the help of blood donors from the community.

Fear that remnants of Tropical Storm Bonnie would hit southwest, Georgia Thursday, a mobile blood unit remained idle at the Southeastern Community Blood Center, after a blood drive was cancelled.

“Whenever it rains donors don't come out but that's the best time to come out because a disaster might happen before you know it,” says blood drive coordinator Tina Phillips.

And that's what brought John McClune out to the center, who's been donating blood since he was 17.

"It's another day, they're open they need the blood regardless of what the weather is,” shares McClune.

Though Bonnie has passed over, Phillips says they're still in need of donors now more than ever because of the devastating threat hurricane season poses on a community if one touches down.

"Red Cross will have to come out for disaster relief, you want to make sure your hospital is adequately supplied with enough blood when needed,” Phillips says.

"I don't know how much I've given over the years, probably several gallons. I just come in because it makes me feel good afterwards inside knowing I did something to help someone,” McClune comments.

Help someone or possibly several people, as one donor can save three lives, not just due to the wrath of a hurricane, but any time disaster strikes.

Right now the Southeastern Blood Center, which serves the Big Bend area as well, is in need of all blood types.