Bush Gets Ready for Charley

Tropical Storm Bonnie has come and gone, but Florida isn’t out of the woods yet.

Hurricane Charley is headed into the Gulf and is a threat to the state’s entire West Coast.

Gov. Jeb Bush says the danger is real and Floridians should prepare for the worst.

"The logistical ramifications of a storm that hits the west coast of Florida are quite significant. My principal message here today is to urge people who have not experienced a hurricane to take this very, very seriously," says Gov. Bush.

It’s been six years since a major storm hit the state and there are many newcomers who have never experienced a major storm and the governor says he’s also worried about a phenomenon called “hurricane amnesia” where people forget just how dangerous a storm can be.

State disaster planners say they’re ready to respond, but they have to wait and see where Charley is headed.