Tallahassee Hotels

The evacuation of nearly two million people means big business for hotels and motels across the state, but people hoping to find safety in the capital city will encounter another challenge besides Charley.

Interstate 10 is seeing a steady flow of traffic Friday as news of the category four hurricane spreads.

The Erbacher’s are one of many families fleeing from Charley. The Holiday, Florida residents say seeing the devastation of Hurricane Andrew first-hand made the decision easy.

Judith Erbacher says, “We were running around, grabbing insurance forms because you don't know what you're going to come home to.”

Evacuees seeking comfort in Tallahassee may be out of luck. Some hotel workers say they are booked solid this weekend with parents because Saturday is move-in day for freshmen at both universities.

But just having a room reserved doesn't mean it's been easy going for these families. The Singer’s say it took a lot of maneuvering to make sure their daughter arrived safely for move-in day at FSU.

Scott Singer, an FSU dad, says, “We had two storms coming down on us. We wanted to be behind Bonnie and in front of Charley, so we actually left yesterday.”