Blair Stone Road Opening

It may be time to throw out the old Tallahassee street maps now that the newest extension of Blair Stone Road is open for traffic. Friday at 4 p.m. all the road blocks were removed from the north and final portion of the extension.

Commuters say they're enjoying it so far, but it can be confusing, especially around Centerville Road. That's why the city is encouraging everyone to get the scoop on the loop.

The city has opened the north extension of Blair Stone Road which goes from Miccosukee Road to Capital Circle. The city says this early opening was important because it was a promise to the citizens.

Debbie Lightsey of the City of Tallahassee Commission says, "I think you can guess from all the positive comments we kept our promise. It’s a road the community is proud of and is going to use."

Citizens say they appreciate all the effort.

"I'm happy it’s going to be opened, get all these cones out of the way and help people get in and out easier,” says Mike Wallenfelsz, owner of Blue Ribbon Cleaners.

The city project manager is encouraging folks to take advantage of the weekend and go for a drive to get the scoop on the loop.

"It’s a change for people. Centerville Road is now two one-way roads."

The current Centerville Road now goes one direction toward Capital Circle. A new segment of Centerville Road goes back on the opposite direction, plus there are two new loops to connect Centerville Road.

Steve Schaffer, construction project manager, says, "Take a while to get used to the transition in traffic patterns. Be careful and pay attention."

Michelle Bono adds, "So, take it easy, pay attention, and come out and see how gorgeous it is and what a great job that's been done."

There was a ribbon cutting ceremony Friday morning, but there will be a public celebration August 28, starting at 8:30 at Governor's Park on Ty Ty Road. Breakfast will be served.

The city made changes to Centerville Road to alleviate traffic congestion, and then the city had to preserve Centerville Road's canopy status so the second portion of Centerville was necessary.