Florida Emergency Management Officials Ready for Charley Cleanup

Getting ready to tally damages, injuries and more, they are also making plans for post storm cleanup. The state Emergency Operations Center is ticking around the clock made up of several state agencies all with one thing in mind, keeping track of Hurricane Charley's every move.

Watching and waiting, Gov. Jeb Bush braces for the storm of the century.

This Friday the 13th, a monster of a storm forced Florida's west coast residents to evacuate, pushing a million plus people for higher ground and Gov. Bush to phone the president.

"This morning I requested presidential disaster declaration. He asked about severity, general conversation, agreed to provide support," says Bush.

Officials estimate Charley could chalk up billions of dollars in damage. The good news is federal assistance is already here, pushing Florida over the threshold for reimbursement, allowing state emergency response teams to focus on post-storm solutions.

Gov Bush adds, By Sunday you should see real presence in region of National Guard, FEMA."

Until the storm blows over, Florida officials urge residents to stay off I-75 and even I-10 from Lake City to Jacksonville. The Florida Highway Patrol is working closely with the Georgia Highway Patrol to keep I-75 clear of traffic.