Hurricane Charley Relief Efforts

It's been a somber Saturday for millions of Floridians, many who are homeless and hungry after Hurricane Charley ripped through their town.

Hurricane Charley has come and gone in Florida, leaving behind billions of dollars in damage and millions of people needing help, but relief is in sight. Case by case Red Cross volunteers are stocking up and shipping out dozens of truckloads of water and food, all of which will help feed those hit the hardest by Charley.

Volunteer Roberta Maddox said, “We are staging for National Red Cross. We have comfort items and food being shipped to the south.”

With plenty of hands and supplies, the only request Red Cross is making is for donors to open their wallets rather than their closets if they want to help out.

“It's a task to package everything, so we can take funds and put into large quantities of materials that we need,” added Sean Morgan, a Red Cross Volunteer.

The Winn-Dixie on Magnolia in Tallahassee is the staging site for several Red Cross vehicles. It's where 84 trucks will stock up then ship out during this first phase of recovery.