Moving In

Tears of joy could be seen across Florida State's campus Sunday. That's where you could find hundreds of freshmen saying good-bye to their parents and hello to college.

With his favorite glove and bags of belongings, Scott Labbe is starting a new chapter in life.

“I came from Fort Walton. I have to say good bye to mom and dad,” said Labbe.

“He'll do fine; we'll do fine. He has a brother to follow him in a few years,” added his mother Joanne Labbe.

But not everyone outside Sally Hall is saying good-bye to their once little one's with ease.

“It's going to be difficult. She's my oldest and I'm not happy to lose her,” said Margie Congregane.

Lauren's emotions are mixed. While she's sad to say good-bye, she's already fitting in, showing off her video taken back home as Hurricane Charley closed in on Fort Meyers.

Her excitement is shared by many of her classmates. With the future ahead and high school behind- the sky is the limit for all those entering the class of 2008. All freshmen at both FSU and FAMU were allowed to move into their dorms this weekend, just a few weeks before fall semester begins.