Back to School

There's going to be an unusually high volume of traffic on Leon County streets Monday morning. School is back in session. Tallahassee police officers are launching a back-to-school safety blitz to educate parents about stranger dangers and warn speeding motorists to put on the brakes in school zones.

Three little girls are getting a quick lesson in police work and how to remain safe on the job. Tallahassee police officers are trying to teach safety to all children this coming school year.

“I've been teaching my daughters Riley and Beatrice not to go with strangers and that if someone tries to grab them, to scream, to keep the doors locked when you're home although none of these kids are home without parents,” said Kim Munshower.

And while these girls may not be home alone, police say parents should teach latchkey kids to be extra vigilant while at home.

"Make sure the kids are aware of all the numbers they need. We also recommend that parents network with their neighbors if they can't be home right way and maybe they can get a neighbor or relative or friend to call or come by and check up on their children,” said Police Officer Tommy Tennison from the Tallahassee Police Department.

Beginning Monday morning law enforcement officials will be watching out for speeding motorists. Those caught speeding in school zones can expect a steep fine.

OFC John Newland of the Tallahassee Police Department said, "We will be out in full force along with the Sheriff's Department in the school zones, and your ticket will range anywhere from $107.50 to $557.50. People have to remember in school zones the fines are doubled.”

Police say when it comes to school zones they'll write a citation for motorists going just one mile over the speed limit. Law enforcement officials will be out all week in school zones looking for speeding motorists.