12 Year-Old Drummer Plays To His Own Beat

"One, two, three, four!"

Notice anything about this drummer... other than the fact that he's only 12 years old and really jamming out?

Brandon Baumgardner is a below the elbow right arm amputee.

"I just learned and I played it. I learned it just like that," says Brandon.

Brandon's mother calls him a mystery baby because no one knew why he had to have his arm amputated at two weeks old...

But, some may say the mystery is in what he's accomplished since.

"Just seeing him overcome things is an inspiration. The everyday things, tying his shoe. It doesn't ever get him down," says his mother Sarah Baumgardner

Brandon can't help but be upbeat...

He's following in his mother's, grandmother's and great-grandmother's footsteps...and has helped form a band called, "Zero Gravity"...

He plays with his 11-year-old brother Austin...and cousins Gabriel, Ben, and Rachel Lake...ages 15, 13, and 10... and cousin Logan Webster.

Band Member Gabriel Lake says, "I can't get enough of Brandon; just the way he drums. It always puts a smile on my face just to watch him drum."

The magic starts with Brandon putting on a prosthetic sock...and attaching the drum stick to it with velcro.

"Roll it around, put half of it on there with the velcro and go around again."

Brandon says it in no way makes him feel handicapped... In fact,

"I feel like a rock star."

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