Early Voting Is Underway

It's time to make your vote count. Early voting is in full swing for the primary elections in Florida.

When the doors opened outside the Leon County Courthouse Monday morning there was already a line of people eager to get in and make their vote count. For many, early voting is a great alternative to waiting in long lines on election day.

Heather Hinst is busy at work. She's greeting the early birds making sure they're all registered and ready for the primary election.

Heather Hinst says, “This gives the chance to vote, so if you can't on election day, they can take care of it.”

That's why Virginia Greeson made a special trip to the Leon County Courthouse Monday, her vacation depended on it.

Virginia says, “We've got several trips planned around election time so we just take care of it.”

It's a year of firsts for voters in Leon County. It's the first time the polls opened 15 days early. It's the first time citizens can vote on a Sunday and it's the first time folks can park nearby without paying the price.

Heather Hinst adds, “We're excited about new parking, you see one dollar off if you park at Kleman Plaza, we put an "I Voted" sticker on your ticket.”

By easing the traffic burden and offering incentives, the city and county hope more citizens will rev-up their engines and head to the polls early this year.

There's another way people can help expedite their voting experience. If you check in your mailboxes you should have a sample ballot. Go ahead and fill in your vote, then head to the polls and simply copy them over. It saves a lot of time and keeps you informed.

The parking incentive only applies to the first 1,000 vehicles that park in Kleman Plaza and at the parking lot on Calhoun Street, so you'd better hurry if you want to save a buck on your vote.