Red Cross Looking for Monetary Donations

With some disaster teams looking at a deployment of possibly four months, workers say the best form of help can come straight from your pocket.

One by one emergency response vehicles from the across the Midwest are making a pit stop in Tallahassee.

Carol Sullivan, a Red Cross Worker from Ohio, says, “I've always felt we're supposed to help each other and be there for each other; that's what I'm doing.”

Partnering with Second Harvest of the Big Bend, the Red Cross is filling up each truck with the basics.

Gary Botts with the local Red Cross says, “Rather than send them down empty, thought we'd load them up with water and snacks.”

While these items may seem easy enough to buy, for those of you wanting to help, Red Cross workers say that can translate into more a burden, even bottled water. Instead, the Red Cross is asking for monetary donations so they can buy items in bulk. Workers say every disaster has certain needs.

Diane Stubrud with Second Harvest of the Big Bend says, “It’s not always what people might think they need, so if you send money then the Red Cross can get what's needed for the specific area.”

For more information on how you can help either through a donation or volunteering, call the Red Cross toll free at 800-435-7669.