Azalea City Residents Stepping Up to Help Hurricane Charley Residents

During the aftermath of a catastrophe like Hurricane Charley, much emphasis is placed on organizations such as the American Red Cross and Salvation Army.

Some folks say individual efforts and contributions are often left in the shadows.

A Valdosta man plans to return the generosity he's received in the past with a little of his own.

Warren Scoby, offering the helping hand, says, "I'd just like to make a trip down there and take some stuff with me to help them. That's all."

Seems incredible, but the small city of Valdosta has quite a reputation for assisting fellow Americans in times of need.

Penelope White, Red Cross Spokesperson, says, "I can speak from experience of September 11 that about $75,000 was donated out of this community for that disaster, so I know how generous the people here are."

And Warren isn't alone in his efforts to assist the folks in Florida. Eileen Farrell's husband, Tim, has been helping the victims of Hurricane Charley since last Saturday.

Eileen Farrell, Salvation Army Spokesperson, says, "It's catastrophic. He's actually in the Punta Gorda area. He is serving as command of the 53-foot mobile kitchen that the Salvation Army has in that area."

Eileen says her husband will help serve about 14,000 meals a day to those who have lost everything.

Farrell adds, "It's everybody wanting to chip in. The attitude is just gracious and very giving."

People in Valdosta say they will stop at nothing to help the victims of Hurricane Charley get back on their feet. Red Cross officials say making a monetary contribution to their disaster relief fund is the most effective way to help the victims of Hurricane Charley.