A New Beginning for New High School in Gadsden County

It was a new beginning of sorts for students from Chattahoochee and Greensboro High Schools as they merged to form West Gadsden High School.

It was hugs and cheers for several friends seeing each other on the first day of school at newly formed West Gadsden High School. More than 500 students are now calling the new facility home.

Students like Corbin Hartsfield are applauding the merger.

Corbin says, "I think it was a pretty good idea, there's more people to meet. It's a pretty good atmosphere right now."

So far the only snafu administrators have encountered in this cordial environment is scheduling problems. In fact, a long line of students were waiting patiently for school officials to remedy the situation.

Aside from that the principal says the transition for Chattahoochee students have proved a success.

Pauline Gunn, the principal at West Gadsden High School, says, "We brought them to campus, we talked with them, we just had a good time on campus finding classes and showing them where they would be going so they wouldn't be lost when they get here in the morning."

The next step for these students is a brand new facility that will be built sometime next year.

Sterling DuPont, Superintendent of Gadsden County Schools, says, "Our next step is to go ahead and select a site. A committee of citizens have narrowed it down to four sites, now the School Board has to make one final decision on the location of that school."

That decision could come before the end of the school year. School officials say the merging of the two high schools will save them upwards of $500,000 a year.