Leon County Students Return to School

They joined thousands of other children in the Big Bend and south Georgia who've already started a new academic year.

The superintendent of Leon County schools says eerily enough, there were no problems to report, not even a late school bus. Students, teachers and staff hope this great first day sets the pace for the rest of the year.

Scotty Crowe, principal at Gilchrist Elementary School, said, "First day, so far, so good. It's gone well; our students are in class, we're set to go!"

Dr. Randy Pridgeon, principal at Godby High School, said, "Going great! Real smooth, we worked all weekend, kids are in here in class, it's been a real smooth start."

And with that smooth start, teachers, administrators and students are wasting no time.

Crowe adds, "We start the very first day, whether it’s the FCAT or SAT 9, we literally start instruction and assessment right away planning toward the FCAT."

For some kids this year is just the beginning, and for others it's the beginning of the end.

Sara Hosig, a senior at Godby, says, "It’s actually pretty scary. You don't know what you're going to do next year, so it’s actually scary."

While thousands of kids didn't forget the first day of school, law enforcement says some adults did.

SGT Dave Folsom with the Tallahassee Police Department, says, "Slow down in the school zones, we are going to be writing citations and it’s double in a school zone."

Police also say there were some problems where Centerville Road meets Capital Circle because the Centerville Road pattern changed on Friday, causing confusion and congestion on Monday.

Monday morning at Gilchrist Elementary, there was the "boo-hoo" breakfast, more for parents of new kindergarten students. The mother who had the most "boo-hoo" was told by her child, "Mom, I've got it from here, you can go home now."