Foster Grandparents

As the search for a permanent home begins, one local program has many non-profit organizations in Valdosta looking to fit the bill. The Azalea City is looking to bring management of Foster Grandparents back to their community.

The benefits for the senior citizens and children involved with Foster Grandparents are endless.

Jane Osborn, a Foster Grandparents Program advocate, says, "When a foster grandparent comes into a room, a lot of the kids who have no grandparents of their own will want to talk to that person, too."

Presently managed out of Savannah, Foster Grandparents called Valdosta home three years ago. Now, supporters of the program say they want a local organization to apply for the grant to get the foster grandparent program supervised and managed from Valdosta.

Foster grandparents come and interact with their foster grandchildren at school. Advocates of the program hope that non-profit organizations here in Valdosta will step up, go to the meeting on Thursday and possibly help this program find a permanent home here.

"For years in was here in this community and it served a lot of people. We would like to see it go back to the level at which it used to be able to serve people."

Advocates of the program are hoping for a large turnout at Thursday's informational meeting and say finding a permanent local home would bring additional money and jobs to the Valdosta community.

Currently there are 60 foster grandparents working in the 10 south Georgia counties that host the program.