Maloy-Depuy Rift

For the last two years, the commissioner has been plagued by accusations of workplace harassment, but each time Maloy was found not guilty.

One of Maloy's opponents says citizens are making the commissioner's past the main issue. Ed Depuy is in the race against Commissioner Maloy and says that as he's knocked on hundreds of doors, it's voters who keep bringing up Rudy Maloy.

Commissioner Maloy says that's a little bit unbelievable. Ed Depuy is one of six candidates running for the Leon County at Large seat. He says he wants to talk to voters about the issues, but another issue keeps getting in the way.

Depuy says, "Things such as zoning, crime and education, things we're concerned with, but too frequently people ask who I'm running against. I tell them I am running for the seat currently held by Rudy Maloy. That takes the conversation over."

In the midst of campaigning, Maloy is dealing with the ongoing debate over whether he or Leon County should pay his legal fees. Maloy says it’s very simple.

"All I've ever asked is that we follow the law, whatever the law allows for, and that's what we should do. Other commissioners have had their legal fees paid in the past. We should all live by the same rules,” says Maloy.

When asked if he is the target of an attack or setup, Maloy replied, "I can't say that I was set up, but it appears to be some kind of effort to get rid of Rudy Maloy."

The other candidates in the race against Maloy and Depuy are Gregg Patterson, Daniel Parker, Kevin Kjellerup and Bill Rollins.

The primary will decide the top two candidates who will face off in November, but if someone receives 51 percent or more of the vote, then the race is over.

Commissioner Maloy says that the county has paid fees for other commissioners, and it is true. Over the last 10 years he estimates it to be about a total of $50,000 that's been paid for other commissioners. Maloy's by himself are more than $600,000.