FSU Self-Defense Credit

Women attending Florida State University may walk away with something even more valuable than a degree, the ability to fight off an attacker.

For the first time in school history FSU is offering a credit course in self-defense. With campus maps in hand, thousands of FSU freshmen are getting ready to discover their new home.

Unfortunately, as we saw this past February when two students were sexually assaulted near campus, there is danger.

Helen Anderson, an FSU junior, says, “I actually think it’s a big concern, especially at night time, it's not very safe to walk, especially girls.”

For the first time, the university is offering a credit course called Rape Aggression Defense.

OFC Douglas Boortz says, “We thought it would be an extra incentive, help them move forward with it and also get a credit out of it.”

In the class students will learn confidence and education about rape and self-awareness.

Freshman Kim Connelly is not a victim, but already sees how getting to and from can leave here susceptible.

Kim says, “It's something all girls should be aware of, especially if you're walking alone.”

For more information, visit www.police.fsu.edu.