Vouching for Students

Jefferson County School Superintendent Phil Barker says eight of his students from Jefferson County High School are using vouchers to attend other schools, vouchers ruled unconstitutional Monday by the First District Court of Appeals.

Kent Talbert says, "Certainly the Bush administration and Secretary Paige support as many choices as possible for parents, and support parents being able to select the best possible schools for their children to attend."

Monday's decision did not affect students in Madison County.

"In Madison County, none of our schools were beyond the two years of not making adequate yearly progress."

Julia Waldrep with the Madison County School Board thinks Monday's decision was a good one.

Julia says, "My personal opinion is that the vouchers and public schools then having to funnel money to private schools, makes it harder for the school districts to see that money accountable and used appropriately."

Ron Meyer, an attorney for the Florida Education Association, says until the Florida Supreme Court deems the "opportunity" scholarship vouchers unconstitutional, students who are currently using the vouchers can continue to do so.