Under the Gun

Georgia State Patrol troopers say a routine traffic stop can lead to a chase and possibly a scary situation, and if a suspect shoots back, a trooper's life becomes endangered. That's why firearm simulator training is invaluable.

SGT Scott Woodell says, "It's the best training you can get without the actual fire fight. It gets your heart rate up. Any mistakes you can possibly make on the road will be made here."

William Riner adds, "We went out and did some research on some shootings and went out and recreated some of those, so we got some real shootings in here."

Officers not only train in real-life scenarios using an actual weapon, but one wrong move and they can be tacked by a 62 caliber nylon ball traveling at 110 feet a second.

SGT Woodell says, "You actually got something shooting back at you that will get your attention. It won't hurt you as far as putting you on the ground, but it will make you go out."

Woodell goes into his training full throttle.

Woodell adds, "If you go half-stepping in your training, chances are you are going to half step in the real world."

The training is giving him the upper hand if and when he's staring down the barrel of an actual life or death situation.