School Overcrowding

Just three days into a new year and one school is quickly outgrowing its surroundings, pushing school leaders to come up with creative ways to comply with the Class Size Amendment.

Florida State University School is in the midst of a juggling act, balancing a growing student population while trying to comply with the Class Size Amendment, which means if you walk the campus and you'll the sound of space being added.

Juanita Robinson, a reading coach, says, "There is a need for more room. Students need to have space to roam. We need more space."

The current Florida High site was opened in the year 2000. It was built to board 1,600 students, but the pupil population is pushing 1,600 plus. Administrators find solace in the school’s special area classrooms, which offer a quick fix to the overcrowding.

Jesse Jackson, Director of Florida High, says, "That really does provide some relief for us so we can use the class spaces that empty out for special instruction."

School Director Jesse Jackson says turning students away isn't an option; instead he hopes lawmakers will look hard at Florida High.

Jackson adds, "Hope state legislature understand programs like ours and make appropriations available for our growth."

Until then, computer labs are being transformed into classrooms and portables are going up in an effort to keep up with the rising student society.

Each year Florida High accepts around 160 new students, 80 at the kindergarten level and an additional 80 at the middle school level.