Traffic Signal Rift

Some people who live in Thomasville say they're fed up with the lengthy process of getting the new traffic lights around town operating.

Crews were out Wednesday morning busily installing new pedestrian signals around town, and people say they hope that's a green light for getting the new traffic signals operating next.

Motorists say they have no idea what's taking so long and the clock has been ticking away since about December. The new lights are covered with plastic bags, something people say is very frustrating.

Local motorists say they're use to glancing at two sets of lights, but it poses a danger for visitors.

James Day, a Thomasville motorist, says, "It's terrible. I've seen people run them, they think the lights are blocked out without looking to the right."

Workers admit they are months behind schedule in getting the new lights operating, but they say that's due to a minor setback.

Ronnie Mills with World Fiber Technology says, "Because we had to come back and change the lights from yellow to black. We had a problem getting the black lights. It through us back about three months behind."

Workers say the new lights will be directing traffic in about two months and motorists say it may be worth the wait.

Lawrence adds, "I think it's going to make the traffic flow a little smoother."

It’s making the roads safer for not only local folks, but those just passing through. The new traffic lights around the city were ordered by the Department of Transportation to comply with new regulations.