Wakulla Citizens' Suit

"A non-profit watchdog", they call themselves the Wakulla County Taxpayers Association and they're lashing out at county government and its spending.

Madeleine Carr with the association says, “As taxpayers we need to stand our ground and demand an investigation.”

The investigation centers around a recent audit report questioning the county's fiscal stability.

Francis Zorn, a Wakulla County taxpayer, says, “Wakulla County has paid a vendor millions of dollars for services the vendor did not and is not performing.”

That vendor is U.S. Filter, the county’s Public Works Department, which claims the only irregularities can be found in the language of its contract, an issue they're working to resolve this week.

Randy Merritt, U.S. Filter Project Manager, says, “Everything can be explained. Some were typos. There is no scandals or stealing going on.”

County Commission Chairman Mike Stewart agrees. He says there hasn't been any wrongdoing when it comes to county spending.

Mike Stewart says, “It's a political year and amazingly this comes out right after the audit I just talked about.”

Still, the watchdogs press on as they take their claims to the governor's office to prompt an investigation.