Revamping the System

The training process is underway for Lowndes County sheriff's employees to use a new, $1,200,000 program that will fully integrate criminal records in Lowndes County.

Deputies say it will allow for information to be easily passed to different departments.

J.D. Yeager of the Lowndes County Sheriff's Office says,” So now, this system is going to offer us the connections, the tie-ins with the reporting, the record keeping, the jail management and also in the car reporting."

In addition to speeding up the information sharing process between the Sheriff's Department and the jail, county officials say the new system will also help lower cost.

Aaron Kostyu, County Technology Director, says, "It’s going to be significantly less than the cost of our current operating system and the benefits are just amazing and unachievable with the current system, so just from that standpoint, we're going to save a lot of money."

Deputies say one of their favorite parts of this new computer system is how it can transmit records from the jail quickly to their cars, alerting them of trouble in just a matter of seconds.

Yeager says, "If a guy's known to carry weapons, if he's got a history of violence, anything of that nature, it’s going to pop up and put the officer on alert so he doesn't walk into something as blind as he would have normally."