Taylor County Parents Speak Out Against School Dress Code

A few parents have already had their children sent home, though the superintendent says that's a last resort.

Parents have made complaints to the office of Taylor County School Superintendent Oscar Howard. The issue is what students can and cannot wear to school.

Oscar Howard says, "I've only had two of those calls, and I've referred them back to the principal of the school and he is meeting with those folks."

This school year, the Taylor County School Board is enforcing a brand new dress code, one that parent Kathy Sturdivant says is a bit "overboard" for her two sons attending Taylor County High School.

Kathy says, "They have a lot of motorcycles on the shirts, four wheelers and stuff like that, and they won't let them wear it. They want them to wear plain shirts."

Georgia Douglas, also a parent, adds, "If they have anything on the shirts, they have to have just a little thing, on the shoulder or either the tail, but they can't have anything on the front part of the shirts."

In the new policy, students cannot wear clothing with words phrases or images which could be considered obscene or suggestive.

No spaghetti straps or tank tops are allowed. Also, all designer logos on clothing must be three inches by three inches or smaller.

Howard says the penalty for not adhering to the code is clear.

"Currently, they are asked to change their clothing there at the school and going home is a last resort, and that's only for the children who will not comply at all,” says Howard.

Howard says the new policy was put in place to increase school safety. Howard says if there is a need, the school dress code will be readdressed with the School Board. Howard also says the implementation of school uniforms has not been ruled out as a plan B.