Tallahassee Commissioners Put Hotel Vote on Hold

City commissioners agreed Wednesday night it could be an integral part of the Gaines Street revitalization project. A hotel developer has high hopes for this plot of land off of Gaines Street and Railroad Avenue.

Business owners close by say they would love to see a hotel built on the plot.

Alain Rodgers, owner of Euphoria Tattoos, says, "I'm all for it. It would bring more revenue to this area. That's a pro to my business."

A Marriott Residence Inn would be in line with plans the city has been working toward to revitalize Gaines Street.

Michael Parker, Director of Economic Development, says, "It's a gateway to downtown. It has huge potential. It's a transition area. It has all the raw material to be an economical engine for our community."

Andrew Gillum with the City of Tallahassee, says, "We've been talking about improving Gaines Street for years. We've been talking about making it the cultural epicenter."

However, when the city commission was given the option to sell the land at an $85,000 profit, the commission voted to continue the item.

Andrew Gillum adds, "I'm terribly excited about the idea. We've got people busting down our doors with interest along Gaines Street."

It's that same unsolicited interest that has the city commission asking for more information in the interest of being cautious. The city is going to continue the item until the first meeting in September. Commissioners admit a lot of interest in the hotel, but want to investigate the agenda some more.