94-Year-Old Local Woman Votes in General Election for First Time

Tallahassee, FL - November 6, 2012 - 6:05 pm -

Election Day was especially momentous for one first-time voter.

94-year-old Ada Mae Harris cast her ballot for the first time in a general election.

Eyewitness News met Ada Mae Harris back on October 25th. At that time, she was preparing for her first general election at age 94. We were there today (Tuesday) when she finally cast her ballot.

There were no lines, no wait when Ada Mae Harris got to precinct 4157 around 9 a.m. But, Harris waited 76 years for this moment.

Family members say the 94-year-old had an extra pep in her step as she walked into her polling place with pride on this election day.

Harris' sister-in-law says Harris was aware of how special it was to be voting in a general election for the first time.

Mary Harris says, "She really signed her name. Usually we have a problem with her trying to sign her name. But, she did wonderful. The lady told her, 'oh, you did great.' She knew what she was signing her name for and that's why it wasn't a problem."

Harris' family says she did vote during the Florida Primary Election in August. Members say that was her very first time voting ever. Tuesday, was her first general election.

Family members say the reason she's never voted before was because her husband was not into politics.

Ada Mae Harris says it felt great to vote. That's all she said. Therefore, it seems she preferred to let her vote be her voice.

Tallahassee, FL - November 6, 2012 - 11:43 am -

94-year-old Ada Mae Harris says it felt great to vote today. This is her first time voting in a general election. Harris' brother-in-law and sister-in-law brought her to the polls at precinct 4157 first thing this morning.

Tallahassee, FL - October 25, 2012 -

Ada Mae Harris is 94 years old.

She's had some amazing milestones over her many decades. But, the one coming on November 6th has her family thrilled.

Her sister-in-law Mary Harris says, "It's amazing for here to actually go and vote for the president of the United States."

Harris' family members say, as far as they know, Harris will be voting in her very first general election this year.

Her brother-in-law, James Harris, says she never voted before because her husband just wasn't into politics.

But, that did not run in the family. James Harris says, "When we got the chance to vote, I said I would never miss it. I have never missed one in my entire life, yet. I'm certainly not going to miss this one."

Harris lived in New Jersey until her husband died, and her brother-in-law brought her back to Tallahassee in January.

The 94-year-old says, "I sweep the house up, clean up the house, cook."

If she can still do of all that, going to the polls will be a cinch.

Harris' family members say they're taking her to the polls first thing on November 6th.

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