Renaissance Center

With the help of citizens' groups, the Tallahassee City Commission and hard working construction crews, the Frenchtown Renaissance Center is that much closer to completion.

In the late 90's the 400 block of Macomb Street was considered the center point of crime in Frenchtown. In 1996, the whole block was demolished and a promise was given to the citizens of Frenchtown that something new and better would replace it. In 2004, that promise now becomes more true everyday.

The Frenchtown Renaissance Center is going to be one of the most pivotal locations for an area that many said was slowly being destroyed by violence and crime.

"I can't wait. I think its going to be wonderful. As a matter of fact, my business is moving over there," says one local business owner.

Tom Lewis, Director of Neighborhood Services, says, "We knew the Renaissance Center would be the large pebble thrown into the Frenchtown pond, and the ripple effect would be that other properties would be fixed up."

The city says at least five properties have done exactly that and expect more to be effected by the "Renaissance ripple". The center is ahead of schedule and should be finished in late February or March of 2005.