Go-Cart Track

Jefferson County residents are raising a red flag over a proposed go-cart track. Opponents fear a decrease in property values around the site and an increase in noise.

Dave Lewis lives in the quiet neighborhood in Jefferson County, but the area may soon hear the loud sounds of go-carts if developers get their way.

Dave says, "We're concerned about the safety, we're concerned about the noises and we're concerned about the effects on the wetlands, changing the character of this whole community.”

It’s a community that's banded together to preserve a way of life. Residents fear developers may not be able to comply with the county's noise ordinance and that the track would create an enforcement nightmare for the county.

More than 200 residents in this rural community have signed a lengthy petition to protest the proposed go-cart track. The 35-acre site located near the prison is slated to bring in jobs to the county's already poor economy.

Alan Saucier, who works on project management for race track, says, "We're actually going to restore some of the wetlands that were torn up from when some of the logging area was performed, so we just feel like in light of the economic situation in Jefferson County everything were doing here is a positive benefit for county."

Judy Ross, who opposes the race track, says, "We're not trying to keep business from coming into Jefferson County. We need it, but it has to be the right business that will generate positive for some dollars and positive jobs without risking what we have in Jefferson County."

Ross is hoping county commissioners will wave the caution flag before developers get to the finish line. County commissioners will vote on this issue Thursday night, and we'll have their decision at 11 p.m.