A stack of fake IDs was confiscated throughout Florida during spring break of this year. Many look just as good as the real thing, and that's why local officials are thrilled to be getting ID magnifiers.

CAPT Lewis Johnson with the Tallahassee Police Department says, "With the new driver's license coming out and being able to utilize this tool, we know we will have a leg up in terms of identifying what is fraudulent and what is real."

Seven hundred of the magnifying lights have been spread around local law enforcement agencies thanks to FSU's Partnership for Alcohol Responsibility.

Another, more expensive tool has also been issued. The state-of-the-art license scanner can easily scan a license to determine if it's been altered in any way. ID experts say this tool is a major asset, considering how advanced the fake ID business has become.

Robert Lastinger, Alcohol Beverages and Tobacco Special Agent, says, "I've talked to different college kids and they've told me out of 10 people, probably seven have a fake ID and the problem is people are also using them for other things."

They are using them for things like identity theft and fraud, which officials say can be even more serious threats in today's world, and that's why officials say cracking down on these fake IDs has become such an important mission.