Getting the Ballot Rolling

Georgia's advance voting might be the answer to the billion-dollar question of how to boost voter interest in the state.

For the August 10 run-off election alone, 31,000 voters took advantage of early voting.

"It’s a lot more convenient to come and vote the week before with not excuse at their leisure."

"It’s the best thing they've ever come out with. It's a lot more simple for me, you can pick the time you want to go vote."

Advance voting is the latest in a number of ways voting officials in Georgia and around the country cater to the needs of voters. With absentee voting and mail-in ballots, people have little to no reason not to vote.

"Officials are continuing to try to accommodate the voter. In fact, for this general election to cut down on long lines, six extra voting booths were bought by the state to be used right here in Thomasville."

"This will be our biggest turnout. If people vote, [don’t] go at the busiest time. Seven is the busiest on Election Day and so is 5:00. If people don't want to stand in line, they need to stagger their time that they go."

Officials predict that once advance voting becomes more popular, more people will catch voting fever, ultimately resulting in bigger numbers at the polls statewide.