Valdosta High Fans Celebrating First Game in New Stadium

It's been eight months and more than $7 million in the making. All it needs now are some players, fans and a little bit of pigskin. Now, Wildcat fans are anxious to pack the stands for Friday night's game.

Could it be the lights, or the new seats, or the turf that gives a whole new meaning to the way the Wildcats will play football?

Bill Aldrich, Director of Operations, said, "I expect soon as they open the gate people will be standing there and they'll probably have the stands full just to be sitting down for the hour and a half before the game."

But don't think there won't be plenty for fans to do during their wait. There's the walk of pride courtyard, a Wildcat Museum and more than 80 years of tradition to admire.

David Waller, Sr., a Wildcat fan, said, "Aside from family and close friends this is the greatest thing there is."

If the Wildcats grab a win or not, one thing is for sure, Wildcat mania is nothing short of contagious.

Chip Gregory, Construction Manager, said, "A lot of the guys don't live here, they live in surrounding towns and they've all purchased football tickets for Friday night."

Heroes of the past and the long-standing tradition of the Wildcat tin roof are forever entwined in the walls of Bazemore-Hyder Stadium. Fans here say it truly is Valdosta's field of dreams.

The first game at the new stadium will be played Friday night against Shiloh.