Leon School Assistance to Hurricane Victims

Twelve school districts in Florida were affected by Hurricane Charley with seven schools in Charlotte County completely destroyed. Yet, thanks to the help of other school districts, life will return to somewhat of a normalcy by brining students back to school .

Hurricane Charley ripped through the Sunshine State slamming several schools in its path. Leon County is lending a hand to some of those districts living in limbo.

Bill Montford, Superintendent of Leon County Schools, says, "Sent several maintenance crews down to Florida to help in schools, good to have people with experience."

Schools wrecked by Charley are expected to open in record time thanks to the help of school districts like Leon. As crews continue to clear Charley's clutter it brings to light the need to be prepared for a natural or manmade disaster.

Every school in Leon County has a plan in place to handle havoc happenings.

Principal Scotty Crowe at Gilchrist Elementary says, “One week in to the school year and Gilchrist Elementary has already gone through one fire drill.”

No matter what the emergency, schools in Leon County are prepared to handle the crisis head-on.

Gov. Bush unveiled the state's plan to get the schools up and running in the next 14 days. He also signed executive orders for waivers of certain requirements, like class size and flexibility with regard to the 180 day attendance policy.