Body Search in Wakulla County

A murder mystery may be unfolding in Wakulla County as detectives search for two bodies. Detectives are searching a wooded lot in the heart of Crawfordville and are not sure yet if it's a crime scene or something else.

Earth movers and special agents are scouring the wooded lot off Greiner Lane in Crawfordville. A recent tip has brought detectives here to search for possibly two bodies that may have been buried behind this abandoned house 14 years ago.

MAJ Maurice Langston of the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office says, "We received information a couple of weeks ago from an individual that we're working with directly, that there are two victims of homicide. I think that's something he knew about and wanted to share it with law enforcement."

Investigators will not specify who tipped them off, only saying it is someone with firsthand knowledge. Neighbors on the dusty street were stunned to hear about the search and the possibility that a secret could have been kept for so long.

Cindy Shiver says, "It'll eat 'em away. If you done something wrong and if you don't, maybe they're just wanting forgiveness or maybe something's wrong with this person and they've got to clear their conscience."

Neighbors say the house has been abandoned for more than 10 years. If there are any secrets buried in the backyard, they were not unearthed Thursday.

The search yielded nothing Thursday and has been called off for now. MAJ Langston says if there are remains buried on the property they do not correspond to any unsolved murders or missing persons reports from that time.