Residents Voice Concerns Over Tallahassee Spray Field

While there are still some problems, both the city and residents say that relationship is much better. As part of an agreement between the City of Tallahassee and residents who live near this spray field, there's supposed to be a buffer zone of trees.

Don Axelrad, who lives near the spray field:, says, "The city agreed to plant a buffer. Unfortunately, the trees died."

Jim Oskowis with COT Water Management, adds, "Due to the dry weather, we lost 50 percent of the long leaf pine."

The break in the tree line is off of Tram Road and is about a mile long. Residents want to know what the city is going to do to fix the problem.

Jim Oskowis says, "We've talked to a consultant who says the best thing is to bush hog the trees and replant in November."

Residents near the field say they believe the city.

Don Axelrad says, "I think the city is trying very hard and we appreciate that."

The city says it’s even going an extra step..

"We are going to find a farm manager," says Jim Oskowis

Neighbors say as long as the city keeps the lines of communication open, everything should be fine. The city also says that an irrigation system may be necessary in the future to make sure the trees don't die again.